Semenstore exports Limousin & Simmental semen to Germany & Australia

Simmental and Polled Limousin Bull semen exported to Germany

An export first has been achieved for the polled Limousin bull Greensons Howlett with a quantity of his semen selling to Germany through the e-commerce website  Bred by Greensons Limousins, Cambridge, he is the first red coated, homozygous polled (100% polled calves) Limousin bull bred in the UK to have semen available and to now be exported. 

Complimenting his polled status the two-year-old Greensons Howlett has an impressive range of performance figures with EBVs in the top 1% for 200 and 400 Day Growth; and in the top 10% for Muscle Depth, Gestation Length, Calving Value and Beef Value.  

Commenting, breeder Guy Green said: “I’m delighted with this export first.  Greensons Howlett is a long, easy-fleshing bull with a great top, super temperament and sound locomotion.  He also carries two copies of the F94L ‘Profit Gene’ and had a scrotal circumference of 42cm at 12 months of age.  His first seven calves have been born at between 39kg and 42kg and already his first two heifer calves are on target to reach 200kg by 100 days.”

Semen from the Simmental bull Clonagh Tiger Gallant also formed part of the export consignment. Bred in Ireland and marketed by D & R Durno & Sons, Scotland, he has a Calving Ease in the top 5% of the breed, with Carcase Weight and Eye Muscle EBVs in the Top 10%.  


The semen was purchased through Hexham-based company Eggs-Port for a client in Germany, with the export handled by Semenstore’s distribution hub at UK Sire Services in Devon.


Greensons Howlett out working at 15 months of age


And Semen from three Limousin bulls heads to Australia in a repeat order


Three Limousin bulls have fulfilled a significant order through Semenstore to noted breeder and supplier Tim Keys of Keystone Genetics, Victoria, Australia. The export comprises of the French-bred bulls Bolide and Bahutrespectively, together with semen from the £126,000 (GBP) world-record-priced Limousin bull Dolcorsllwyn Fabio.

This new deal comes on the back of previous orders from the same customer for Bahut and Dolcorsllwyn Fabio in 2012 and 2013. Commenting, Tim Keys said: “Our ongoing aim is to source the best UK-based Limousin genetics available for our Australian clients and our strong working relationship with Semenstore is an integral part in achieving this aim."
Tim reports that Bahut is performing strongly in Australian conditions and meeting the market spec: “Bahut’s first progeny, coming up to yearling stage, are powerful, thick calves with moderate frames and a lot of width.” Australia's first Bahut heifer, bred in Tim Keys’ own Keystone herd, has been sold for AUS$12,000 (£6500 approx), representing the top price this year to date for a Limousin heifer.  
The first Fabio calves to be born in Australia are due in August, and breeders ‘Down Under’ are expecting length, width and good docility. The world-record-priced Limousin bull has been used on some top cows (primarily through ET work) and it is hoped his calves will be ‘pretty special.’
Bolide is a new bull for the Australian market, and the order comes on the back of very positive feedback from breeders both in the UK and New Zealand. He features the key traits for the Australian market of muscle, shape, powerful tops and positive docility.  

For more information or contact, there are direct links to the British Limousin and Simmental Cattle Societies as well as EggsPort and UK Sire Services on the BLG website under “Members & Links”


17 July 2014