EBLEX seeks beef and sheep breeders’ views on genetic improvement

Ultrasonic scanning for fat and muscle has long been a feature of British improvement schemes

Beef and sheep breeders in Britain are being asked to take part in a national genetic improvement survey, as part of a research and development project commissioned by EBLEX.

The 20-minute online questionnaire, National Genetic Improvement Survey for Sheep and Beef Breeders , is designed to help evaluate the impact of breed improvement on the UK beef and sheep industries. It can be accessed at http://beefsheepsurvey.com

The survey is part of a broader project which aims to quantify the financial benefits of genetic improvement in the sector, review the delivery of breed improvement services and identify opportunities to improve uptake, and explore opportunities for implementing new approaches to breeding.

“EBLEX (and previously MLC) has invested in the genetic improvement of cattle and sheep for several decades, both through Signet Breeding Services and direct investment in research and development,” said EBLEX head of research and development Kim Matthews.

“In recent years, the delivery of recording services and genetic evaluation of beef cattle has been undertaken by an increasingly complex range of organisations. This project therefore aims to review the provision of resources to support breed improvement in the UK and explore potential models for the delivery of more rapid breed improvement in the future. In addition, there is a great deal of interest in genomic approaches to breeding. This review, carried out by internationally recognised experts, will provide a valuable guide to the industry on how such approaches might be adopted in the UK.”

The online survey will remain live until 28 November 2014.

The project is being led by AbacusBio Limited and will be completed by 31 March 2015. Further information about the project can be found in the EBLEX website Research and development section - www.eblex.org.uk/research



27 October 2014