The Beef Workshop within the British Cattle Breeders Conference held at Telford, Shropshire on Monday 21st January 2019 brought exports of UK livestock and genetics into keen focus. Speaking on behalf of the British Livestock Genetics Consortium, Richard Saunders explained the joined-up approach being taken by industry stakeholders to consolidate existing trade as well as open up new markets for British cattle, sheep and pig genetics. In tandem with two Inward Missions bringing prospective sheep and cattle customers to the UK in 2019 were a range of overseas events and expos being planned over all six continents.

Richard Saunders speaking at the 2019 British Cattle Breeders Conference

Richard Saunders speaking at the 2019 British Cattle Breeders Conference

With harmonised trading conditions with the EU27 likely to continue at least in the medium term, it was nevertheless important, he said, for farmers and breeding organisations in the medium to long term to look beyond traditional markets. The UK’s strength in depth of livestock both in numbers, breeds and types within breeds alongside its high health and welfare standards meant British breeding stock was in great demand throughout the World.

Please find the provisional export programme below which highlights a number of financially supported events during 2019-2020. lease click on EVENTS section for further information about participating or call Richard Saunders 07901768904 for a chat.

Agro Farm Ukraine 19/02/2019

China Animal Husbandry Exhibition 18/05/2019

China Dairy Exhibition 15/06/2019

Beef Expo, Kendal 22/05/2019

Sheep South West, Devon 17/06/2019

Livestock Philippines 26/06/2019

Indo Livestock 03/07/2019

Colombia Agro Futuro 01/08/2019

Brazil Expointer 22/08/2019

India Agritex Hyderabad 22/08/2019

Irish National Ploughing Match 17/09/2019

USA World Dairy Expo 05/10/2019

Romania Indagra 30/10/2019

Livestock Taiwan 31/10/2019

Nigeria Agra Innovate 01/11/2019

Ukraine Graintec 01/02/2020

Vietnam ILDEX 18/03/2020