British Pigs Attract India Delegation

Inward Mission to the UK from the Punjab

A high-level delegation from the Punjab government has paid a visit to the UK to assess British pig production and genetics as the Indian state intends to develop its burgeoning pig sector.

The visit was organised by the British Pig Association in conjunction with AHDB Pork and included trips to pig breeding firms, a feed mill, an abattoir and AHDB Pork, where they were given presentations on the economics of the UK pork sector as well as pig health and welfare.

The visitors also went to APHA Weybridge and Kent University to look at research into pig breeding, including embryo transplant.

AHDB Pork senior export manager Jonathan Eckley said: “They are seeking our pig genetics and management systems as they want to improve productivity, welfare and product quality. Punjab has been taking the lead in the modernisation of Indian agriculture and already produces 76,000 tonnes of pork on a yearly basis.

“We also spent some time discussing the different production methods used in the UK and how these could be applied in Punjab.

“It was a very successful visit. The delegation went away with a huge amount of information which they will need to evaluate to determine which systems and practices best suit the conditions in India. Of course, all the pig breeding stock in India is of British origin.

“In addition to the requirement for breeding stock, training programmes and technical support were discussed during the visit.”

India is one of the markets AHDB Pork export is targeting; it has tremendous scope particularly in hotels, restaurants and Internet shopping. Meat consumption in India is increasing by 14% per year.

Issued by AHDB Pork 16/06/2016. AHDB Pork is the organisation for pig levy payers in England and is part of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).