Top performing Beef Shorthorn joins Cogent’s Signature range

One of the top performing bulls of the Beef Shorthorn breed has been added to Cogent’s Signature Beef range to help satisfy the rapidly growing demand for native breeds.  Additionally, Beef Shorthorns feature in Morrison’s Supermarkets range of premium beef.



Meonhill Fire Fox has EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) in the top 1% for the desired traits of Eye Muscle Area, Retail Beef Yield and Terminal Index. This suggests his calves are likely to be at the very top of the market when selected for their conformation and their carcase traits.


Their growth rates are also predicted to be outstanding as the bull’s EBVs are within the breed’s top 5% for all of the growth-rate traits of 200, 400 and 600-day weights. A breed-leading EBV for kg milk reinforces his potential as a breeder of replacements, whether female or male.


Fire Fox was selected by Cogent at just a few weeks of age, when he was seen amongst the first crop of calves byChapelton Covenanter in Sid and Mary Chaplin’s Hampshire-based Meonhill herd.


Covenanter’s calves stood out by a mile, and within the group, Fire Fox himself was exceptional,” said Cogent’s beef sire analyst, Boomer Birch. “He carries strong breed character with width through his loin, and his sheer power and correctness were obvious from that early age. His mother, Glenisla Waterloo Zola, and her whole family were outstanding amongst the females and also have a track record of winning in the show ring,” he added.


Now aged 13 and still on sound legs and with a good udder, Zola is said to have given the herd one of its most valued female lines. “The Zolas have been retained in the herd wherever possible; they have shown exceptional fertility and mothering ability and have been hugely successful in the show ring,” said Sid Chaplin. “Zola’s 2010-born daughter, Waterloo Ziva, notched up many show wins in 2013, including inter-breed female championship at the Royal Norfolk Show, and reserve female breed championship at the East of England Show, as well as being first in her class at the South of England Show,” he observed.


“This sort of eye-catching appeal in the show ring does not always go hand in hand with high EBVs and exceptional performance potential, but Meonhill Fire Fox seems to have the lot,” concluded Boomer Birch.


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18 November 2013