Mexico re-opens for GB sheep and goats

With just one or two formalities to complete and a couple of additions to the Embryo EHC (Export Health Certificate), the UK can return to Mexico with its ovine and caprine germplasm for which there is sure to be a keen demand. Further good news for prospective exporters is that UKTAG have been tasked by DIT to administer TAP (Trade Access Programme) grants for two events in Mexico in autumn this year - a Pig Congress and Expo Agroalimente in Irapuato. ExpoInter in Brazil (where the semen EHC has also recently been agreed - see separate news item) in August is also an approved event for TAP.

For further information, please contact Henry Lewis, Director, Export Certification Ltd (ECL), UK Export Certification Partnership (Defra/ECL) 07990506003